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"Photograph" - 12 Stones
Fear falls hard like rain again
Washing over me
You say nothing will ever change
What do I believe?
You fall deep inside again
Nothing left to see
Weakness fills your heart again
You put it to rest
Forfiet everything
'Cause you were never strong enough
Close my eyes again
And pray that I will not give up
I try to see your face again
A photograph for me
Your voice calling out again
Nothing left for me
You try to find your place again
Waiting just to breathe
Weakness takes your heart again
You put it to rest
Locked inside again [x3]
Did you forget about the things I said
Fight the lies inside your head
Deny those who tried to bring you down
Kill the pain and emptines
Find a love and lose yourself
Without this life you're just a memory
Locked inside again [x3]


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